Them Are Us Too
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Introducing: Them Are Us Too

By On February 25, 2015

Kennedy Ashlyn's superb soprano deserves real attention and, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Fraser, threatens to steal the show entirely. But the beauty of Them Are Us Too is the way… Read More

Akiine - Destiny
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Akiine – Destiny (Premier)

By On February 24, 2015

We fell in love with Akiine when she released Sunglassey more than a year ago, and now we're rather privileged to premier the similarly excellent Destiny.… Read More

La Priest - Oino
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La Priest – Oino

By On February 4, 2015

We've got something little different for you all today from La Priest, a name we haven't seen since he did a 7" on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label back in 2007.… Read More

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Shawondasee – Someone Good

By On February 2, 2015

Shawondasee's Someone Good is slow and beautifully layered electronica that lets you drift away while sending shivers down your spine.… Read More

First Aid Kit live at the Apollo
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First Aid Kit live at the Apollo

By On January 29, 2015

With Johanna and Klara’s harmonies on point, Chloe Newman photographs First Aid Kit set against a golden glitter imbued mountain backdrop further illuminated with pink and gold hues.… Read More

Years & Years
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Years & Years – King

By On January 9, 2015

Years & Years are the very deserving winners of the BBC Sound of 2015 poll, and just in time to celebrate the band have dropped one of their most upbeat singles to… Read More

Murder By Death - Big Dark Love
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Murder By Death – Send Me Home

By On January 7, 2015

Today is a dark, dark day and as I sit and try to comprehend the barbarity and sadness, the tragic beauty of Murder By Death's 'Send Me Home' has been particularly appropriate.… Read More

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Shawondasee – Gems of Pure Light

By On January 6, 2015

We're finally getting into the swing of 2015 here at Walrus Towers, and that means digging through our postbag of new music for those rare gems.… Read More

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