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Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Eurydice
News & Leaks

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Eurydice

By On April 15, 2014

The sun is shining and we've got a new track from the wonderful The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart that is a light and joyful piece of foot-tapping indiepop.… Read More

News & Leaks

Oceaán – Oceaán EP

By On April 14, 2014

Last summer, while almost everyone (including me) was too busy listening to Settle on repeat, Oliver Cean, that goes by the stage name of Oceaán, quietly started to make his way through… Read More


Weekend Playlist: 12th January 2014

By On April 12, 2014

Looking for something to listen to in the sunshine this weekend? We've got you covered.… Read More

Kwabs - Something Right
News & Leaks

Kwabs – Something Right

By On April 11, 2014

To keep us desperately clamouring for more, Kwabs has just dropped Something Right, the latest single to be taken from Pray For Love, and its a powerful beast that thumps and growls,… Read More

Porter Robinson
News & Leaks

Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices

By On April 10, 2014

Life can be a chaotic, hectic existence, and whilst there is beauty in that sometimes you need to step back, sit back and let it all wash over you.… Read More

Wolf Alice - Mona Lisa Smile
News & Leaks

Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile

By On April 3, 2014

Wolf Alice are one of the most exciting bands in the last couple of years, and with every track they just seem to become ever more assured and impressive.… Read More

Bruno Pernadas

Knowledge upside down: An interview with Bruno Pernadas

By On March 31, 2014

Bruno Pernadas does not only want to deliver a good song, he dares to experiment; turn expectation and genre conventions upside down and not to replicate the formulas, the demands of acquired… Read More

Conner Youngblood - Mercruy
News & Leaks

Conner Youngblood – Mercury

By On March 28, 2014

Mercy is the second release from his upcoming Confidence EP, which is due for a digital release on 1st April, and a beautifully still and serene affair, where's Youngblood's voice rests softly… Read More