Nomadic Firs - I Am The World
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Nomadic Firs – I Am The World

By On October 14, 2016

Nomadic Firs has searched the globe for the finest remixes of LVSK, including this glacial electronica from SUPEFLU.… Read More

The Maghreban - Brooklyn
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The Maghreban – Brooklyn

By On October 13, 2016

Thursday afternoon is basically the weekend, right? Get into it with Maghreban's house odyssey Brooklyn… Read More

Soffía Björg
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Soffía Björg – I Lie (video premiere)

By On October 12, 2016

Icelandic indie newcomer Soffía Björg premieres the colour edit of her 1960s variety show inspired video for debut single I Lie. … Read More

RYD - Alter
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RYD – Alter (premiere)

By On October 11, 2016

Site back and let the soft electronic sounds of RYD's Alter wash over your soul.… Read More

Jens Kuross - We Will Run
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Jens Kuross – We Will Run

By On October 11, 2016

On this modern paean, Jens Kuross' exaltation is enshrouded in a warm production of grandiose synths, hypnotic shuffles, electronic bleeps, and glorious harmonies. Swoon.… Read More

In the Kitchen

Playlist: In the Kitchen

By On October 7, 2016

Whether it's turning the kitchen into a chemistry set to make sloe gin, or spending time preparing your favourite meal, music makes the whole experience better - this playlist is what I… Read More

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Skott – Amelia

By On September 20, 2016

Amelia is a song of young love worth fighting for, a period in our lives when tomorrow was filled with limitless possibilities just outside our grasp - a time to make dramatic… Read More

Weirdo - Attitude
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Weirdo – Attitude

By On September 8, 2016

Sounding like neither of Weirdo's previous tracks, but just as exciting with its odd mix of growling aggressive noise-punk and distorted pop harmonies, Attitude is a reflection of the feelings of many… Read More

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