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Arthur Beatrice - Carter EP
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Arthur Beatrice – Carter EP

By On July 24, 2013

Carter EP is, then, a perfect stepping stone to help spread their noise a little further, giving new found fans something to buy, but most impartantly works as keeping us all very,… Read More

Cook Norman Blaze - O3

O3 – Cook Noman Blaze

By On July 22, 2013

Perfectly overlapping in time with the lush and tropical weather we are experiencing on our small isle at the moment. No better soundtrack could blend so flawlessly with the relaxed vibes of… Read More

News & Leaks

Festival Review: T in the Park 2013

By On July 20, 2013

Find our our highlights and photo gallery from this years T in the Park festival… Read More


Jungle – Drops

By On July 2, 2013

Drops is a flirtatious, jazz-fused, cool-as-fuck groove, that plays with textures and luscious rich vocals, all wrapped in a 3-minute pop song. Damn.… Read More

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By On June 20, 2013

The enigmatic WATER is making a name for himself with his carefully crafted sonic dreams, that are filled with skittish percussion, rich soundscapes, and here on Lune EP the vocals of Stone… Read More

Isaac Tichauer - Take Over You EP
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Isaac Tichauer – Take Over You EP

By On May 9, 2013

Just a couple of days after I found my groove listening to Sydney-based producer Isaac Tichauer‘s Take Over You, the fine folks at French Express have decided to give away his whole… Read More

Generationals - Heza
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Generationals – Heza

By On April 8, 2013

Louisiana duo Generationals releases their third highly anticipated and gleeful third album Heza this week with new label Polyvinyl Records. After releasing two full length albums and one EP with the hometown… Read More

Cuushe - I Love You

Introducing: Cuushe

By On April 3, 2013

Maybe it's her Berlin influences, or maybe she just writes such perfect, bliss-filled electronica that all geography dissolves beside her. Whatever it is, I Love You from her upcoming and yet-to-be-named debut… Read More