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Neighbour - Taste Me
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Premiere: Neighbour – Taste Me

By On October 10, 2014

Walrus favourites Neighbour have kindly given us the premiere of the video for their latest cut, Taste Me… Read More

The Coveryard - Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker
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Video: Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker – Anyone But Me live at The Coveryard

By On February 17, 2014

We had a great time at The Coveryard when it came to Battersea in October, with the interplay between the traditional folk sounds of Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker and the… Read More

strangersStrangers - London Lights
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Strangers – London Lights (Premiere)

By On November 1, 2013

Strangers have released a pretty impressive volume of work over recent months, and today we've got another slice electronic pop in the shape of London Lights. It's love-song with more of David… Read More

Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – In The Summer

By On August 17, 2013

Edwards Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros' In The Summer is spilling with sunshine, 60s nostalgia, and ice-cream. It is the summers portrayed in the movies through Instamatic filters. It's the sunny summer… Read More

Jade Hopcroft
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Jade Hopcroft – Rust (Premiere)

By On July 17, 2013

Walrus favourite Jade Hopcroft has been locked away for the most part of this year writing five new tracks for her upcoming EP, and we’re lucky enough to have the premier of… Read More

The Graphite Set - I See No Lies
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Introducing: The Graphite Set

By On May 13, 2013

It sometimes feels all bit strange when things just fall into place. It was not even 24 hours after one of my friends (hello Claire) was explaining to me why I should… Read More

Amber States - Breathe in the Water
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Amber States – Breathe in the Water (Premiere)

By On May 10, 2013

My introduction to Amber States was the fantastic Son of a Gun that I picked up on the Teeth Records Grapefruit compilation, and it soundtracked my summer pretty damn perfectly. And now… Read More

Decibels - Ruza
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Decibels – Ruza

By On April 6, 2013

When I wrote the introductory post on Decibels back in November, it was the infectious energy of Ruza being beaten out live on stage that really made my ears prick up and… Read More