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Alex the Astronaut - Not Worth Hiding
News & Leaks

Alex the Astronaut – Not Worth Hiding

By On August 21, 2017

Not Worth Hiding from Sydney-based Alex the Astronaut is a warm and folksy celebration of individuality and expression, from the perspective of a 16-year-old who finds love and learns to accept herself… Read More

News & Leaks

Butterflywingtip – What Do You Know (premiere)

By On August 10, 2017

BUTTERFLYWINGTIP's What Do You Know starts with some synth and industrial synth sounds, but really gets into its groove with an utterly destroyed bassline and some surprisingly catchy harmonies for the… Read More

King Henry (feat. Rhye) - Moment
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King Henry (feat. Rhye) – Moment

By On August 4, 2017

Moment is a smooth and sultry jam featuring the combined talents of King Henry and Walrus-favourite Rhye.… Read More

News & Leaks

Introducing: Corre

By On August 2, 2017

Corre's debut two tracks roll and twist around the same simple melodies, keeping just enough rhythm to progress through from one phrase to the next, but always resolutely beautiful.… Read More

One Thousand Things
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One Thousand Things – The Bridge (premier)

By On July 24, 2017

The Bridge from One Thousand Things is a soaring anthem that speaks of the moments when your mind spins with times now lost, flashes of what were once occasions of joy and… Read More

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Introducing: Jacup

By On July 11, 2017

Introducing Jacup and his beautifully layered, distorted songs of love and infatuation… Read More

Kazy Lambist - Shutdown
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Kazy Lambist – Shutdown

By On July 6, 2017

Today we've got more electro-pop goodness from the Montpellier-based in the form of Shutdown, which slowly builds from the spoken word through understated vocal melodies, infectious hooks, and into a dancefloor… Read More

Two Feet - Momentum EP
News & Leaks

Two Feet – Momentum EP

By On June 9, 2017

Momentum builds on the foundations of First Steps, using similar elements of shuddering bass infused with infectious jazz and bluesy guitar - but this time with more of a nod to the… Read More

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