A little bit of information about the people behind the The Blue Walrus…

Tim [Email/Twitter] – I started TBW in 2006 as a way to share my passion for new music and monthly mixtapes with a wider (read: digital) audience back when I spent my life split between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I have a background in bands, music production, technology and intellectual property, and since moving to London have completed a post-graduate degree in law, consulted for various web properties on digital advertising and have founded a curated news and analysis start-up.

Hamish is an enigma

Francisco [Email] is the most recent addition to the team. Of Portuguese origin, he is heavily into his local music scenes and has l’enfant terrible B Fachada as his musical hero. “I think I normally go from one end of the spectrum to the other; in one minute I might be listening to the latest pop gem, the next it might probably something almost inaudible. So, I think that pretty much defines me!”

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