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Koresma & Shuhandz - Wash Away ft Ellie Hartye (Mazoulew Remix)
News & Leaks

Koresma & Shuhandz – Wash Away ft. Ellie Hartye (Mazoulew Remix)

By On May 30, 2019

‘Wash Away’ saw Koresma and Shuhandz team up with Ellie Hartye on vocals for a downtempo cut of luxurious R&B. For me, however, it is London-based Mazoulew’s house remix that takes the… Read More

KYOTI - Restart The World
News & Leaks

KYOTI – Restart The World (video premiere)

By On March 6, 2019

We live in uncertain times, and Newcastle-born three-piece KYOTI have produced the dystopian party tune to match our collective anxiety. Melding elements of synth-pop, dance, and jazz, and with an unmistakable hook,… Read More

Max Rad - Flesh & Blood
News & Leaks

Max Rad – Flesh & Blood

By On February 13, 2019

Written and produced in just a single day, the track is a soulful exploration of grief and loneliness, with Rad's soft words harmonised over scattered R&B rhythms and his trademark rich synth… Read More

Kid Koala - Hera's Song
News & Leaks

Kid Koala ft. Trixie Whitley – Hera’s Song

By On January 11, 2019

Taking its title from the goddess of women and Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology, the track is menacing and talks of seething rage and revenge, with the Whitley singing she… Read More

Hero Fisher
News & Leaks

Hero Fisher – Life Through Closed Eyes (video premiere)

By On November 2, 2018

Hero Fisher's Life Through Closed Eyes is a slow and atmospheric track that gives the London-based artist's rich and soulful voice the room to glisten with intimate forgiveness over ephemeral synths and… Read More

Max Rad - Rumours
News & Leaks

Max Rad – Rumours

By On November 1, 2018

Max Rad's Rumours is hypnotic and uplifting, and inspired choreographer Megan Westpfel to tell her story as a raw portrayal of herself and fellow dancers’ (Kikz Katika & Ellie Harulow) early life… Read More

Walrus live with Cocoa Futures, Koalas, and Kylypso
News & Leaks

Walrus live: Cocoa Futures, Koalas & Kylypso

By On October 16, 2018

After the success of last week's Blogtoberfest gig with Strange Boy and Lokki at The Finsbury, we're teaming up with Chris (Lost in the Manor) again for another show next month featuring… Read More

Walrus live with Lokki and Strange Boy

Walrus live: Lokki & Strange Boy at The Finsbury on 10/10/2018

By On October 8, 2018

On Wednesday this week (10/10/2018) we've got the latest Walrus-curated live show at London's The Finsbury where we are thrilled to be putting on two of our favourite acts of the last… Read More

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