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Proper Micro NV
News & Leaks

Proper Micro NV – Dot Dot Dot (premiere)

By On June 28, 2018

One year on from his last release, the critically acclaimed Colours EP, Proper Micro NV is back with 'Dot Dot Dot', the first track from a new collective due later this year… Read More

Max Rad - Carousel
News & Leaks

Max Rad – Carousel

By On June 27, 2018

Max Rad's Carousel is a silky smooth slow fuck groove about infatuation that the Londoner carefully crafts between verse and chorus with funk guitar and falsetto harmonies. This is how you make… Read More

Andrew Applepie
News & Leaks

Andrew Applepie – Not Gonna Lie (premiere)

By On June 15, 2018

Andrew Applepie's Not Gonna Lie is a breezy slice of upbeat obscure fun-pop and matched to a suitably weird video that plays on the overlay between reality and animation.… Read More

Benedikt - Havana Nights
News & Leaks

Benedikt – Havana Nights

By On June 12, 2018

On Havana Nights, Benedikt playfully croons about the pursuit of being serenaded by another over graceful strings and electronic cha-cha rhythms, sweeping you up in a love song about the oscillations of… Read More

St Vincent - Fast Slow Disco
News & Leaks

St Vincent – Fast Slow Disco

By On June 6, 2018

What do you get when you let Jack Antonoff of Bleachers work his production magic on an already special orchestral St Vincent track? A joyous slice of electropop.… Read More

Rubblebucket - Fruity
News & Leaks

Rubblebucket – Fruity

By On May 30, 2018

Brooklyn-born pop duo Rubblebucket have put together one of my favourite jam of the summer so far with 'Fruity', the first cut from their upcoming suitably titled album 'Sun Nation'.… Read More

Cloves - Wasted Time
News & Leaks

Cloves – Wasted Time

By On May 29, 2018

Cloves' Wasted Time is a timeless bluesy ballad that focuses down on Kaity Dunstan's gloriously rich, booming vocals, a talks of self-esteem and lapses in self-confidence that affect us all.… Read More

KIN - Margins
News & Leaks

KIN – Margins

By On May 10, 2018

After a week spent cut-off from modern distractions in the deep green Welsh countryside, UK newcomers KIN have returned with a debut track that spills with both awe and melancholy, and nine… Read More

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