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Conner Youngblood - Stockholm
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Conner Youngblood – Stockholm

By On September 2, 2015

After a year-long hiatus, which feels like forever in online terms, Walrus favourite Conner Youngblood is back with Stockholm.… Read More

Conner Youngblood - Mercruy
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Conner Youngblood – Mercury

By On March 28, 2014

Mercy is the second release from his upcoming Confidence EP, which is due for a digital release on 1st April, and a beautifully still and serene affair, where's Youngblood's voice rests softly… Read More

Conner Youngblood - Confidence
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Conner Youngblood – Confidence

By On March 5, 2014

Last year, after long talks with a number of labels, it looked like Conner Youngblood was finally going to get his music heard by a wider audience, but as with many things… Read More

Conner Youngblood - Vegas
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Conner Youngblood – Vegas

By On March 5, 2013

Conner Youngblood is one of my favourite musicians around at the moment, a very talented multi-instrumentalist that isn;t afraid to experiment with his sound. Most of his releases to date have been… Read More

Conner Youngblood - The Warpath
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Conner Youngblood – The Warpath

By On August 6, 2012

Conner Youngblood (facebook/twitter) continues to impress us, following up Proportions and Gold with The Warpath. Soothing vocals layered over atmosphere built around the whistles of an old military tune. Preparing for battle, marching on… Read More

Summer Daze

Summer Daze In This Olympic Haze Mixtape

By On July 27, 2012

This is an Olympic summer here in London, and I thought it was about time it was soundtracked properly.… Read More

Conner Youngblood - Gold
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Conner Youngblood – Gold

By On June 28, 2012

Conner Youngblood (facebook/twitter) seems to going from strength to strength with his soulful songs of serenity, from his debut Monsters with its near-dubstep bass, to his latest single Gold – his most… Read More

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Conner Youngblood – Proportions

By On April 17, 2012

Proportions is the first track from Conner Youngblood's new material, which is being released as an album Sketches Pt. 2 later in the year and is soft, stripped back, and melancholic. Understated… Read More

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