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It’s All Happening’s Half Dayer at The Windmill, Brixton

By On October 7, 2014

Deep in the dark corners of South London situates everyone’s favourite elaborately decorated pub, The Windmill. Half tiki bar half vintage elegance this venue is not much to look at in terms… Read More

The Feed - Outsider
News & Leaks

The Feed – Outsider

By On June 3, 2014

If you need something to get you out of bed in the morning then crank this up to the highest decibels. The latest track from the fearsome foursome The Feed is sure… Read More

The Acetates

The Acetates – The Acetates EP

By On May 26, 2014

It was less than a year ago that we introduced this band to our readers. What caught my attention about them was their unique approach to the creation of their music and… Read More

White Reaper
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Bands To Watch: White Reaper

By On May 19, 2014

Louisville’s White Reaper aptly blend garage rock and dynamic enthusiasm with a harsh but boisterous “I don’t gibe a damn” attitude. They tick every box that a raw and edgy guitar band… Read More

Magic Gang - Shallow
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Magic Gang – Shallow

By On January 28, 2014

The grungy patterned slow jam’s of The Magic Gang where first introduced back in March last year. Their subtly pensive track "Bruise"s was crammed with subversive slacker melancholy and made Magic Gang… Read More

Wistappear - Ride It Out EP

Wistappear – Ride It Out EP

By On January 27, 2014

If you remember back in May last year we championed this talented young man’s acoustic toe tapping take on 60’s nostalgia. His music is abundant with the essence of time armed with… Read More

Gorgeous Bully
News & Leaks

Bands to watch: Gorgeous Bully

By On January 13, 2014

Starting off as a solo project trough the single handled ambitious of Thomas Crang, Gorgeous Bully are now a strong four piece playing gigs and recording records as they go. Raw and… Read More

Moonheads - Mama
News & Leaks

Moon Heads – Mama

By On October 28, 2013

If you need a good dose of interstellar escapism then Moonheads aka Mitch Crook is the man you need. … Read More

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