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KYOTI - Restart The World
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KYOTI – Restart The World (video premiere)

By On March 6, 2019

We live in uncertain times, and Newcastle-born three-piece KYOTI have produced the dystopian party tune to match our collective anxiety. Melding elements of synth-pop, dance, and jazz, and with an unmistakable hook,… Read More

Hero Fisher
News & Leaks

Hero Fisher – Life Through Closed Eyes (video premiere)

By On November 2, 2018

Hero Fisher's Life Through Closed Eyes is a slow and atmospheric track that gives the London-based artist's rich and soulful voice the room to glisten with intimate forgiveness over ephemeral synths and… Read More

Cocoa Futures
News & Leaks

Cocoa Futures – Big Time (premiere)

By On September 26, 2018

Big Time sees Cocoa Futures sing of self-belief triumphantly pushing aside feelings of doubt, before the song transcends into a Prince-esque guitar solo.… Read More

Riley Pearce
News & Leaks

Riley Pearce – If I Knew (premiere)

By On July 26, 2018

Riley Pearce' s If I Knew is a soft and understated track with little more than his stirring voice backed slow percussion and muted horns, giving him the space to reflect on… Read More

Proper Micro NV
News & Leaks

Proper Micro NV – Dot Dot Dot (premiere)

By On June 28, 2018

One year on from his last release, the critically acclaimed Colours EP, Proper Micro NV is back with 'Dot Dot Dot', the first track from a new collective due later this year… Read More

Andrew Applepie
News & Leaks

Andrew Applepie – Not Gonna Lie (premiere)

By On June 15, 2018

Andrew Applepie's Not Gonna Lie is a breezy slice of upbeat obscure fun-pop and matched to a suitably weird video that plays on the overlay between reality and animation.… Read More

The Woods – Armchair Expert
News & Leaks

The Woods – Armchair Expert (video premiere)

By On May 1, 2018

The Woods' Armchair Expert is a mesmerising cut of folktronica that plays with traditional folk vocal melodies, layering them upon each other and interweaving them with soft and subtle synths.… Read More

Bilk - Give Up
News & Leaks

Bilk – Give Up (video premiere)

By On February 22, 2018

See the video for Bilk's thrilling debut single of lyrical poetry and modern rock'n'roll 'Give Up'… Read More

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