Lia Lia
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Lia Lia – Olymp

By On April 10, 2017

On her debut track, Olymp, Berlin-based Lia Lia manages to write about heartbreak and depression with the fizz and fuck-you attitude that somehow leaves you better prepared than ever to face the… Read More

Rozelle - Something Is Coming
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Rozelle – Something Is Coming (premiere)

By On April 5, 2017

Bristol-based five-piece Rozelle are following up the success of their self-entitled 2015 EP with a string of self-produced singles over the summer, and were kind enough to offer us the premiere of… Read More

Tom Bright - Not The Life She Planned
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Tom Bright – Not The Life She Planned (premiere)

By On March 24, 2017

After spending much of last year locked-away recording new material, Derbyshire-raised Walrus favourite Tom Bright today releases his latest single Not The Life She Planned, and he was kind enough to give… Read More

Childcare - Kiss?
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Childcare – Kiss?

By On February 24, 2017

Kiss starts with an almost electropop bassline and vocal melody, before building and breaking into the raucous pounding that we love and expect from the London four-piece.… Read More

Majik - Paralysed
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Majik – Paralysed

By On February 21, 2017

Majik's Paralysed is a sultry cut about the melancholy of disconnection… Read More

Mt. Wolf - The Electric
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Mt. Wolf – The Electic

By On February 15, 2017

Mt. Wolf's The Electric six minutes of delicately layered beauty, with the rich and haunted vocals hanging in the air as the marching beat rolls on.… Read More

Vie En Ville - So Fond of You
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Vie En Ville – So Fond of You

By On February 2, 2017

Hear the timeless delicate classic of Vie En Ville's So Fond of You… Read More

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LUUNA – Soap

By On January 31, 2017

LUUNA starts as a tumbling dreamscape complete with harp twinkles, before Yoshika's rich and sultry vocals sweep you into a moody triphop groove.… Read More

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